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Sensual Curves by bluejake01
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Sensual Curves :iconbluejake01:bluejake01 5 5
I made that? by bluejake01 I made that? :iconbluejake01:bluejake01 3 7
Contest Entry : Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain Proposal:
Bald Mountain will serve as a tent pole attraction for the long rumored Villains themed 5th gate at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and will be an E-Ticket thrill ride experience. The guests will experience the adventure of a life-time as they embark on a scientific research expedition into the legendary Bald Mountain. As a part of a group of specially selected research assistants they will be briefed at base camp (pre-show and safety spiel) before following their guide and senior researcher (Cast Member) into their craft (ride vehicle). They will journey into the heart of the mountain via underground river. Their mission is to gather data to help determine why no plant life will grow in the otherwise fertile soil of the mountain. What they will discover is a terrible secret from a time long ago. They will encounter the terrifying Chernabog and his minions.
The attraction will utilize a water coaster ride system similar to the Atlantis attractions a
:iconbluejake01:bluejake01 2 2
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Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son.
We go through life with labels whether we want them or not.
Poet. Daydreamer. Idiot.
Some of the labels we cherish, some we can't stand.
But always the labels are there.
The Velvet Rope Syndrome, the Cinderella Complex.
We strive to be more than our labels, struggling forever to out-grow them.
What if our labels truly are all we are? What if accepting our labels..
embracing them, creating them.. is the trick?
I once read a story by Robert Fulghum about a class he was talking to. Children. Trees to one side of the room, tigers to the other, or some such. Swaying and bounding they went, choosing their sides based on who they felt they were. One little girl came to his side and gave his jacket a tug, whispering "Where do the fairy princesses stand?"
Where indeed.
Where do we fit in, where do we want to fit in? Are we meant to spend our lives conforming to what society says we are, what we should be? Do we fight against it, screaming at th
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+The New Bohemians+
We are the outcasts. The freaks. The perverts. The ones mothers use to scare their children into behaving.
We are... The Children of The Revolution. We are the NEW Bohemians.
We gather in our homes, our parks, our clubs. We sit in darkened coffee shops - little, out of the way courtyards filled with white lawn furniture and strung with tiny white lights - sipping from mismatched mugs, waxing poetic and debating philosophy.
We nibble on candies, "True Love" cookies, sugar cubes, each other. We doodle on throw-away fliers for bands we'll never see on MTV and click pens at each other. We admire piercings, jewelry, and painted bodies. We move in a cloud of incense and "medicinal" smoke that may or may not be illegal. We braid our hair with flowers, ribbons, and rainbows of extensions. We are women with dapper-cut hair, men in delicate makeup.
We are male. We are female. We are neither. We are both.
We are heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual. We are lovers of great bea
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John Martin
United States
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Personal Quote: When all is said and done, hope that you lived like this was your only chance to do it.
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I made a terrible mistake today...I read the newspaper. I have always been aware that bad news sells papers, and so the focus of the media will lean towards the tragic. I expect there to be article, after article of bad news, by reporters that seek the negative to the exclusion of the more common, everyday examples of why humanity isn't a lost cause yet. I expect natural and man made disasters, accidents and wars. That's not what upsets me...what upsets me is the increasing frequency and acceptence by society of extreme violence. Teenagers being set on fire over videogames, or beaten to death over text messages. Rage killings are on the rise, and I don't know what or who to blame. I won't point a finger at entertainment ventures aimed at adults...there have always been violent movies. I think I blame parents...I think...When I was growing up we had some very, very violent and gory movies...the late 70's and early 80's were splatter central on the big screen. Robocop, Predator, Total Recall, Rambo, Dirty Harry, Scarface, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street...Violence is nothing new. It's society that is changing...Violence in film used to be an escape, over the top entertainment spectacle...but more and more we are living in a violent society. We are living in an America where children are murdering children...not that I'm saying that is new either, but instead of being a fringe element, instead of being gang related (which is still tragic and has always bothered me) but it is mainstream. It is all sleepy, close knit communities. Children are not being given the tools or the knowledge of how to control their impulses. They are largely unsuppervised and are growing up faster and faster due to the rise of the information age. They cultivate online personalities, in an environment without social guidance an arena where peoples thoughts are unfiltered and you can be anyone.

Im probably talking out my ass, I'm certain I'm way off base, and certainly I don't have the answers. All I know is that my daughter doesn't go a minute of the day without knowing how loved she is. She doesn't go a minute without someone nearby to guide her and teach her. She isn't being raised by the internet or the media. Of course she explores the world around her, and as she grows she gets more and more independent, but I will not leave her to her own devices as she grows. I won't let this sick society teach her it's twisted ways.


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